What is the premature ejaculation?

Many men would give anything to get to control their ejaculation correctly, but do not know how to get it.
Premature ejaculation wasn’t defined in the same way by all authors, but we could say that it is the inability to control ejaculation in man. Some authors claim that a man has premature ejaculation if he does not resist 30 seconds (others put the limit between 30 seconds and 7 minutes) after vaginal penetration.

Sometimes patients who believe they do not have premature ejaculation come to the sex clinic because they never ejaculate before penetration. The lack of control of ejaculation becomes a serious problem when the man does not resist at least a reasonable time, that is, enough for the woman to be satisfied.

Precocious or rapid ejaculation supposes a lack of corporal discipline; consequently, every man can achieve through an adequate training that his ejaculation is a voluntary act.

premature ejaculation solutions

What is a premature ejaculation?

First of all, we must clarify that premature ejaculation is not a disease or something that some men have been born with. The cause of premature ejaculation is not age, lack of experience, or much sexual arousal or sexual hypersensitivity. Premature ejaculation is not due to anything physical, such as problems of frenulum, phimosis, testicles, prostate, weakness of a nerve or sensitivity in the glans.

The causes of ejaculation can be very varied, and due to lack of information or preparation to start sexual relations, to the state of anxiety or insecurity caused by another sexual problem (such as impotence), or lack of interest in prolonging intercourse, to have the ejaculation become a conditioned reflex, etc. Therefore, the diagnosis of premature ejaculation does not require analysis of urine, blood, semen, ultrasound, or injections, or anything similar.

How to control premature ejaculation?

Many men think that premature ejaculation happens with age or as the man has more sexual experience. The reality is that the man who does not control his ejaculation can continue like this all his life, which can create significant frustration. Every time it happens, he lives with more frustration and anxiety, which undoubtedly influences the relationship with his partner. This is all the more regrettable since premature ejaculation has a solution almost in 100% of cases.

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