Couples toys: useful tips for using

On the one hand many women think that their partner may not be interested in sex toys, and on the other hand most men want to be able to satisfy their partner as well as possible. In fact, most men think that vibrators and erotic toys can be helpful in sexual intercourse.

use of sex toy in the couple

Here are some practical tips for using your sex toys to revitalize your partner’s sex life:

1. Let her take the initiative. With so much available supply of erotic toys on the market you may find it difficult to understand which one is the right one for her. She may not even know it herself until she has a chance to discover them. Studies indicate that most women prefer clitoral stimulation, and some also enjoy vaginal stimulation. Spending some time studying the friendly websites that offer sex toys online can be a valid alternative for her to begin to understand and decide what kind of toy is more suitable, it is also an opportunity to buy a toy together or surprise her one night with a very original gift.

2. Use lubricant. Believe me a little bit of lubricant can make sex much more enjoyable and allows you to avoid some unnecessary discomfort during and after. An American study found that their use is associated with more pleasurable masturbation and better sex with your partner. The amount to use may depend on the size of the toy so you have to adjust it according to your needs. A water-based lubricant works with all types of toys while a silicone based lubricant is best used only with toys made from this material.

3. Make a good trio. Some vibrators, especially the smaller ones, are ideal for couple use as they help stimulate the clitoris of women during intercourse. You, your partner and a sex toy are an unbeatable sex trio. The penetration in the so-called doggy position is ideal to play with the vibrator because it leaves a lot of space between the body and the bed. One of the two can hold a vibrator and stimulate your clitoris while in this position. Other dildos, especially designed for couples, can be used during sex.

4. Direct to action. The vibrations can be shared, she can place the vibrator on the penis or scrotum as part of play before intercourse in positions like the inverted cowgirl. Vibrating rings are a way of experimenting with vibrations, some enjoy the vibration so much that you use the rings even to masturbate. The ring can also be used during sexual intercourse because it makes the penis become a vibrator for the couple, increasing stimulation and therefore the pleasure for both.
And now all you have to do is choose what toy to start with!

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