The Penis The 4 Myths and Legends

The 4 best known popular legends about the Penis:

1. It is a popular belief that the dimension of the penis is directly related to the dimension of another part of the body: the dimension of your foot, the height of man, Adam’s apple, the size of the hands, the dimension of the fingers and the dimension of the nose. I regret to tell you that no scientific evidence or university study has shown that there is a correlation between its dimension and that of any other member of the body of man.

myth of the penis

2. Who has not heard it said that the dimension is everything! According to a study published in the journal European Urology, this is not the case. The authors of the publication conducted research among 200 women who were asked to evaluate the importance of penis size in length and diameter and to rate it on a scale from “Not important” to “Very important”. Only 1% of the women who participated in the study responded “Very Important” which means that for them the dimension is not everything.

3. Is length or diameter more important? Apparently according to the studies performed, circumference is more important than penile length to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm. But it is still a subject under discussion as it can vary from woman to woman. Women generally prefer a larger diameter penis because contact with the walls of the vagina is better and causes more intense sensations. Most women reach the climax with clitoris stimulation which does not require penetration, in this case the dimensions of the penis are not important. Things change for the few women who have only vaginal orgasms: in this case the stimulation of the vagina depends on both measures!

4. Penis dimensions can be increased without surgery. The penis is an organ that depends on hormones, when the man has a testosterone deficit its size is reduced, but if it has an excess of this hormone does not increase its dimensions. On the market there are some alternative solutions for this situation, among them the vacuum pumps that in mechanical and non-permanent way help to increase the size of the limb.

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