Sex fantasies Tied with handcuffs!

Sexual fantasies are part of the erotic life of men and women, and so we all have them either consciously or unconsciously. If for men the best known sexual fantasy is that of orgy or having sex with two women, for women it is that of making love tied up.

Among the so-called fantasies of domination is that of having sex tied to the bed since having hands and feet tied can unconsciously amplify the sensations of female pleasure. Some women enjoy and become more excited by feeling fragile and vulnerable in the face of their partner.

having sex tied to the bed

It is for this reason that among the sex toys most sought-after by couples are handcuffs and anklets, available in various models, materials, colors and prices. From the most realistic police-type, made of metal and with a lock and key padlock, to the most imaginative and playful with fun colours and plush interiors to protect the wrists and ankles, avoiding rubbing against the skin. Adjustments of the cuffs to the different dimensions of the pulse can be made in several ways, either a buckle closure that allows the cuffs to be worn in different sizes of wrists or the Velcro that fits all dimensions.

The only advice I get is not to let myself get carried away by a moment of passion and overtighten the handcuffs to the pulse or control quickly where the keys of the padlock are… I guess you don’t want to stay tied to the bed for too long.

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