Penis Sleeves that increase pleasure

Penis sleeves, also known as sleeves, have become a popular accessory among men who have decided to use sex toys to add a little variety to their relationships or correct erectile dysfunction problems.

Why use a Pouch?

The two main reasons are: to increase the length and thickness of the limb and to help with erectile dysfunction.
Increase the length and thickness of the penis
They are mainly used to increase the length and thickness of the limb, which allows you to significantly increase the pleasure that you and your partner experience during sexual intercourse.

Many men decide to use a sheath to introduce a little novelty in the relationship with their partner and so that he can enjoy new sensations thanks to a change in dimension and contact with the irregular surface that usually present the sheaths or simply because they want to experience a larger penis.

penis sleeve for better ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction

Penis Sleeves can be very useful among men who experience erectile dysfunction because once placed on the erect penis, even if your penis loses a little power you can continue with your sexual relationship as the sheath remains firm, thus avoiding interruptions.

An erection occurs when there is increased blood flow to the penis, which gives it the rigidity and size needed for sexual intercourse. The cover, once placed and thanks to its soft and rigid material, produces a slight pressure on the limb that turns out to be very pleasant for the man, allowing him to maintain the erection for a longer time, thanks to a vasoconstriction effect that is not harmful. This toy also slows the evacuation reflex by decreasing the sensation in the penis while increasing the sensations of pleasure in women.

Forms and Materials:
They are generally designed and made with special rubber bands or latex that have the property of being very soft to the contact with your skin but above all being very elastic. They are on the market in different sizes, colors, transparent, vibrating and vibration-free. Some have a very real form to resemble as much as possible a real penis and others come with a variety of reliefs to provide more stimulation during penetration to your partner.

How do they get high?
They are placed as if they were a condom, but be careful that their function is not to act as a condom.
contraceptive or barrier method to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. To place it first it is advisable to use a little intimate lubricant, then roll it up as if it were a condom and finally slide and spread it over the penis.

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