Curious facts about sexuality in the ancient world

If you think today’s world is too uninhibited, look at what happened in antiquity…

sexuality in the ancient world

1. Loans from handcuffs

Pre-Islamic Arabs lent their wives for sex with the nobility and wealthy classes, not for immediate money, but for the family to gain social status. The man would send the woman to the house of the prestigious stallion and she would not return until she became pregnant.

2. Cretan kidnapping

When an ancient Greek from the island of Crete fell in love with a boy, he would notify his friends and from that moment on he would be allowed to kidnap him if the young man did not comply with his request. The relationship lasted a maximum of two months. More time was considered reprehensible.

3. Non-ejaculate sex

The ancient Taoists believed that the main source of positive energy was else men, so they had to save it and avoid ejaculating during sex. In return, the more relationships they had, especially with virgins, the more energized they would feel.

4. Fellation was a divine command

According to the myth, when Seth dismembered Osiris to take power in Ancient Egypt, Isis, his sister and wife, gathered the remains to assemble the body and bring it back to life. But she didn’t find the penis, so she had to make a clay one and blow it to get pregnant. It is believed that the Phoenicians invented lipstick as a symbolic fellatio.

5. Royal masturbation

The ancient Egyptians believed that to maintain the flow of Nile water, one had to masturbate in the river. First, the Pharaoh had to do it naked and in the presence of other men, taking good care that the semen fell into the water and not into the earth.

6. Dildos and vibrators

The oldest sex toy known is a stone dildo from 26,000 years ago. There is a somewhat unlikely version that points out that Cleopatra had a vibrator made with bumblebees enclosed in a pumpkin. The women of ancient Rome put leather covers on their wood and stones to make them more real.

7. Dominant and dominated

The ancient Greeks and Romans saw homosexual relations as relatively normal and practiced them openly. However, while the penetrating man was valued as a dominant male, the penetrated participant was despised.

8. Mayan boys

In Mayan civilization, one of the primary obligations of parents was to select a homosexual couple for their sons as soon as they reached adolescence. They lived together until they were married around age 20.

9. Compulsory prostitution

The Assyrians believed that for a teenager to receive the grace of Aphrodite, she had to have sex with a stranger in the temple of the goddess at least once in her life. The girls sat on the steps of the temple and had to accept the first man who passed by.

Al-Bint Khayzurán Atta, The Thousand and One Nights (Painting by Delacroix)

10. Bestiality

There are cave paintings of men having sex with donkeys. A size 25,000 years ago shows a lioness licking a vagina. Bestialism was common in antiquity and the Bible had to propose death for those captured in fraganti.

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