How can orgasm be stimulated during penetration?

Sometimes women are obsessed with reaching orgasm through penetration and this continuous observation of orgasm, whether it succeeds or not, leads us to make things worse.

The most important thing is to let go and not be aware of what happens or stops happening. In my office, many women consult on this subject, and there were specific techniques evaluated which is the best for each woman depending on her situation.

orgasms stimulated

But before having an inquiry, it seems good that you try:

First try to achieve orgasm by manual stimulation of him with the inserted penis, that is to say, that they look for a position that he can penetrate you and at the same time stimulate the clitoris manually when you manage to join the idea of having an orgasm with the idea of having the penis insert, we are going a step further, then it is a matter of trying different stimuli from the rubbing of his pubis on the clitoris that has the same intensity as the manual stimulus.

I recommend the position where you are on top of it because it is the best you can handle the rubbing movement.
Keep in mind that the clitoris is what we call the orgasmic antenna, and we say that the orgasms are on the verge of departure. That is to say that one begins to feel from there, be it the sexual situation that is, with penetration or without it.

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