8 steps to achieving Orgasm

Unfortunately many women today are having trouble reaching a good orgasm and that is why we want to help you with this guide with the 8 steps that will guarantee you, not only one but many of the best orgasms!

Step 1: Explore alone!
It is said that half of women reach orgasm for the first time through masturbation. When you practice with yourself try not to go directly to the clitoris, take your time and explore your erogenous zones, you will find some new points of pleasure that you did not know or existed.

Step 2: Organize the preambles well.
Half the fun of having sex is in thinking and talking about it, so before going straight to the point, enjoy a good wine and a nice conversation with your partner. Going out to dinner, or taking a walk, putting a hand here and there, or whispering some spicy words in your ear can be the last straw that spills the cup and gives you the most explosive orgasm.

tips for achieve an orgasm

Step 3: Think of a Sexual Fantasy…
In addition to being a hot topic of conversation with your partner, sexual fantasy is also the best way to let yourself be carried away during sexual intercourse. So if you manage to get completely carried away in a fantasy while your partner stimulates you, you have a more than assured Orgasm.

Step 4: Perform your Kegel exercises.
Women who regularly perform Kegel exercises experience orgasms more easily, more frequently and especially more intensely. So exercise your pelvic muscles either by squeezing them as hard as you can and then relaxing them, at least 3 to 4 times a day or using Chinese balls.

Step 5: The Woman Up
There are certain positions that are ideal for female orgasm and one of them is when the woman is on top. First because you’re in control so you can position yourself at just the right angle to reach orgasm. Second, rubbing with your partner stimulates your clitoris very well and the third is that if he cares about your breasts then get ready to explode!

Step 6: Doggy Position
One of the main benefits of the doggy position is that while you are penetrating you can use your hands or a sex toy to stimulate your clitoris. Double reason to reach orgasm!

Step 7:
Definitely the sex classic for a good reason. The best way to be close to your partner because it allows you to kiss and pet while having fun!

Step 8: Tell her what you want!
It seems like the most obvious step, but it’s not… Tell your partner what you want him to do, what you like and what you don’t like, see how little by little they will understand each other and achieve the best sex you’ve ever imagined.

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