7 Erogenous zones of the Woman.

Learn the 7 most important places on her body where she wants you to concentrate! And that you didn’t know.
All men want to know and manage perfectly as to bring pleasure to their partner. Unfortunately, there is no unique formula to satisfy every woman and your new partner can’t always tell you in the first instance what she wants. So what can you do to avoid mistakes and satisfy your partner as much as possible?

No matter who you are with or where you are, there is only one ingredient that assures you a special place with respect to all other lovers: THE VARIETY, that is the spark of your sex life!

No matter what your qualities or your bedtime moves are, if you always use the same tricks it’s sure that after a while your partner will get bored, and that’s why you need to vary a little and surprise her from time to time. You have to prepare yourself to take her to discover the hottest places she didn’t even know she had.

The good news is, it’s very easy to pleasure the erogenous zones of it. So put on some sensual music, light some candles and prepare your massage oil for warmth and let’s explore!

the most erogenous zone in a woman

Her Head
The skin on the head is full of nerves that are extremely sensitive to contact. When you gently stimulate her scalp her body begins to secrete the famous pleasure hormones serotonin and oxytocin. With massage you also increase the blood flow not only to your brain (the woman’s largest sexual organ, never forget it) but to her whole body.
The next time you and your partner are kissing and caressing, remember to open your hands and use your fingers to massage it slowly through your hair, get ready for what’s coming.

Her Ears
Although the ears contain a large number of tiny nerve endings that send information to the brain, they receive little attention today; so it takes her ears into account during preambles. Not all women like tongue penetration into the ear so I recommend starting slowly until you find your way to excitement through the ear.
In addition to the contact of your lips with their lobes, another way to stimulate this area is through the sounds! Never underestimate the power of a provocative, sensual sigh in his ears.

Her lips
The lips, are one of the erogenous zones par excellence thanks to the enormous amount of nerve endings (100 times more than the fingertips) Stimulating the lips secrete quantities of pleasure hormones towards our brain which influences our emotional state. That’s why kissing is an essential act between couples.
And it’s not just kissing, occasionally take a second to gently stroke her lips with your fingers while you look at her in the eyes… She’ll melt!

Her Neck
One of the sexiest areas of the body and the most sensitive to soft and delicate contact of the hands as the skin in this area is very thin. Even feeling your partner’s breathing in the neck can cause very sensual chills in a woman’s mind.
It’s the perfect erogenous zone to start stimulating, it starts with gentle kisses around the neck, then when you see that it starts to work you can move slowly towards the earlobe of his ear, before ending in a passionate kiss on his lips.

Her Nipples
Few men know how to exploit the full potential of good nipple stimulation. Research in this field has shown that stimulation of the nipples, clitoris and vagina is processed in the same area of the brain making this erogenous zone a fundamental part of the trio.
In addition to stimulating her breasts or better said, while stimulating her breasts, you can use a clitoris vibrator or a lower potency massager to stimulate her nipples as they are very sensitive to vibrations.

Her Clitoris
The clitoris is the only part of the human body whose sole purpose is to generate pleasure. With more than 8,000 nerve endings all located in that small space you can only imagine the proportion of pleasure.
Each clitoris is different in terms of sensitivity; even the slightest contact can be too much for some women, while for others much more stimulation is needed. It is best to start with different speeds and movements. You have to be very delicate with the clitoris and always keep in mind that a little extra lubrication is never superfluous.
To give a touch of class and surprise your partner you can include a clitoris vibrator in this combination! They are specifically designed to stimulate maximum stimulation with just the right vibration. That will be a surprise for her!

Her crotches
The woman’s crotch is the path that leads you to the final destination and therefore they are ridiculously sensitive to any form of contact. Along with the back of your knees, the crotches are loaded with multiple nerve endings and are often considered to be among the most sensitive parts of your body. Never go straight to destiny, walk a little bit with your hands, lips, feet or simply a pen along the way that leads you to your final destination.

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