3 erotic toys of Fifty Shades Of Grey that you must have

50 Shadows of Grey is the book that has revolutionized sexuality since 2011, when the first issue of the E. L. James trilogy came out. We now bring you the three sex toys you can’t miss, once you’ve read these books.

1) Handcuffs:
They force you to stay where you belong. They can be made of super soft neoprene and padded for comfort, they are able to resist the most creative fantasies. Or as Anastasia would remember in the book:”‘ Do you want to play?’ – Christian tells me quietly, and desire explodes in the depths of my belly.

erotic toys of 50 shades of grey

2) Chinese balls:
They are the world’s number one Kegel exercise system in sales. They are available in different sizes, allowing all women to find the right size to practice the most effective pelvic workout. Again in Anastasia’s voice:”‘ -Do you trust me?’ -Christian asks me quietly. Seat. He’s holding out his hand. In the palm it has two round and shiny silver balls joined by a thick black thread “.

3) The vibrator:
Completely submersible fun and exciting vibration patterns that are easy to control. There are models with USB recharging that provides 1.5 hours of continuous use and its elegant and discreet design allows you to enjoy it whenever the occasion arises.

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